Hand Jive

“He needs a job.”
“But, he has no skills.”
“Maybe he could  give hand jobs down at the bus depot.”
“It’s steady work.”
“I hear it’s pretty much up and down.”
“It’s something he’d enjoy.”
“What kind of man would want a hand job from Pock? What kind of twisted malcontents are we dealing with out there?”
“I know; he should work in the back booths of the x-rated video stores.”
“What’s that?” Violet-Basia asked.
“A lot of stores that sell porn, toys, and movies, let you view them in private rooms in the back. That way, you can masturbate with a little privacy.”
“Call me old-fashioned, but what’s wrong with going home?”
“Hey, don’t ask me, it’s just what people do.”
“What People?”
“People who go to these places…..it’s all the rave.”
“Eeew, that’s gross. Who cleans up that shit?”
“Hold on, there’s more. Sometimes there will be someone in the room next to you doing the same thing and if you want, there’s a large hole that you can open up and put your dick though, if you are so inclined…..or daring.”
“That’s disgusting.”
“Maybe. But more often than not, someone sucks it off, or gives you a nice hand job….whatever. I think people have even managed anal. But that’s very hard to do in those stalls.”
“Women do this?”
“Sometimes, if you’re lucky. But most of the time it’s a couple of dudes messin’ around with each other.”
“You know this, how, Tom?”
“Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.”
“On that note, I’m out of here,” Mahdakis walked toward the front door.
“See Ya.”

As the door slammed, Violet reached around and undid her bra and as it fell to the floor she leaned back on the mattress, “So, what would you like me to be?”
“Anything is fine,” White Tom said, mounting himself on top of her half-naked body. “Just do me a favor, would you?”
“Whatever you want, you’re the paying customer.”

White Tom reached in his breast pocket and pulled out a pair of rubber nose and glasses with eyebrows, “Put these on for a while, would you?”


 © 2013  Mark Rogers

Benevolence & Betrayal (Book III)


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