Sunlight blinds his eyes; paroled at last.

Don’t follow me, stay in the past.


You will always be a special friend

But this is now and that was then.


You gave me character, you made me wise;

But, I’ve out-grown that deceitful disguise.


Your meaning long expired. I once again, move on.

You only existed to lead me ’till dawn.


Your anger so volatile, your passion so rich,

I lead you to fall into the endless abyss


of nightmarish memories and dreams unfulfilled,

Where wide-eyed restless youth alas, grows to be killed


By the insatiable heart, swollen with emptiness

and festooned with scar;

The heart which catapulted your journey

for that sun above, away so far.


The unreachable sun,

The intangible sun,

The alluring and tempting,

Orgasmic sun;


The sun which now

Burns though my eyes

Visions of aging terror.

I bid you farewell young man,

               ……see you in the mirror.

© 2001, 2012, 2016 Mark Rogers

Placid Animosity

Placid Animosity


Click here for further barbaric use of the English language.


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