Remember Tomorrow

“The only good thing about today is it’s still young and there’s still hope we will die before it’s over with.”
“That’s the spirit. What do you have against waking up tomorrow, anyway?”
“Tomorrow’s the reason I wanna get it over with today! Tomorrow we have to do this bullshit all over again!”
“What makes you so sure?”
“Because I am.”
“Because tomorrow is the day we pay for our wasted yesterday.”
“Which is actually today.”
“But it hasn’t been wasted.”
“Not yet. But it will. And all we can pray for is that today–”
“Or yesterday tomorrow.”
“–stops right here before tomorrow settles in.”
“The day after tomorrow, yesterday.”
“What about making better use of today–”
“Yesterday tomorrow.”
“–in the first place?”
“Listen,” confessed Tony Ravioli, “I don’t really have anything personal against tomorrow, I’m sure it’s a very nice day for a lot of other people, I just don’t want to be a part of it. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Not to worry my little friend.” Mahdakis puffed on his Tijuana Small. “There is still time. You see, everything we do today is based on tomorrow or in fear of tomorrow or in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow mocks us indeed. All throughout history, it seems as though tomorrow has enslaved every last today with the mere threat of its inevitable vicious coming. What to do?” Mahdakis said now tapping his fingers on his chin, “Perhaps tomorrow is the inevitable slave of yesterday and that today actually dictates tomorrow’s pattern of events. Tomorrow may very well be the only reasoning for today in the first place; excepting yesterdays’ helpless blossoming of it. While tomorrow can bring punishment upon us for wasting today, it can also excuse us for yesterday’s injuries and suffering in the name of youth, lust and tainted wisdom. Tomorrow is really our only hope and way out of our shameful today, Tony. Remember that; no matter what it may have brought you yesterday. Remember tomorrow.”


© 2011 Mark Rogers

Front Cover for Driftwood (book 1)

Driftwood (Book I)


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