To deny change is not to grow,

Or ever pass go,

And never to know

The answers to questions

You long for today.


Head of clay,

You can say that today

You don’t care to be aware

As long as you  stay- – – –


 – – -the same

remain- – – –

vegetablized, minimized,


– – -emotionally paralyzed.



Frozen memories of a yesterday

That you once knew

Never to digest or recess

Inside of you-


There is unrest.


You hate your life

But you love yourself so.

Soundly impossible,


They’re one in the same bro.


As the world changes,

So must our causes and views.

It is changing now—


Turn on the news.


I used to believe

In justified homicide;

A life for a life, an eye for an eye.



Change soon found me

With it’s merit and zest……

….. And now, jaded heart of failed test’s,


I believe life eternal would be best.


© 2001, 2012, 2016 Mark Rogers

Placid Animosity

Placid Animosity


Click here for further barbaric use of the English language.



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