One Enchanted Evening (R.I.P.)

Father, hear my silent cries,

Mother, read these naked eyes.

My heart, it longs for a land that never dies;

My mind, it longs to kiss remembrance good-bye.


“Lie with me.”

“Fly, be free.”

Condemn myself in virginal honesty.


Allow me truth, the meaning of life;

To feel the warmth of a fluorescent knife.

A land so rich with cerebral treasures,

And filled with love beyond any measure.

Lie with me.


Maddened from lachrymal rains

Rusting these mortality chains,

I depart and rid my thirst for pain.

I now leave and feast off the reaper’s vein.


“Lie with me.”

“Fly, be free.”

Deliver my soul to endless tranquility.


Arms of the gods, wide and receptive,

Anticipate effects from the sedatives.

My mind, body, heart and soul of debris

Forever purged in eternity.

Fly; be free.




The castle lights are shining bright,

The drawbridge door lets out a roar.

I’ve one last chance to make the dance

And take reward for freeing the sword.




I’ve made it home,

Safe and sound;

Free from world

And its endless rounds;

Rounds of sadness,

                              Rounds of gladness,

Rounds of blindness,

                                      And Rounds of madness

Rounds of diffusion,

                              Rounds of illusion,

Rounds of depression,

                                And mass confusion


  —the bell has rung………your song is sung—-

— light’s flash red………the silence grows deep—

—you’ve found your bed………now go to sleep.

   ………and rest well integrity’s wayward child

for soon you must return to these wretched shores

                               of the lost……………..and of the wild.


© 2001, 2012, 2017 Mark Rogers

Scenic Photograph © Kien do

Placid Animosity

Placid Animosity


Click here for further barbaric use of the English language.


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